I am an avid illustrator and love to incorporate illustrations into my designs whenever I can. I've illustrated for non-profit organizations, merchandise, podcasts, social media, and privately commissioned pieces. If you are in need of an illustration please contact me. Collaborations are welcome!  
The Shoebox Project Portland Holiday Card: 
A card that would be placed in a gift box of self-care items provided for women staying in homeless shelters over the holidays. I was inspired by Russian nesting dolls as a whimsical and festive way to celebrate a diverse representation of women. I start by drawing lots of nesting dolls, then I narrow down to the sketches I’d like to refine, redrawing them onto sketching paper before I scan them into Photoshop for color. I used layers of scanned in smudges of brightly colored charcoal crayons to color each nesting doll. Then had the card printed at a local shop and folded them by hand.
Holt Homes Holiday Card 
Created for both print and digital use, this Holiday Card was designed for a Pacific Northwest Home Building and Investment Company to use for their social media holiday greetings and printed for their holiday card mailing list. The pistachio green background and orange typography are both brand colors. The style of illustration was also customized to best fit the brand aesthetic. 
Nature and Meadow Animals Fruit Snacks Packaging Illustration:
This whimsical illustration features a collection of fruit, flowers, and meadow animals. It is featured on a package design for organic fruit snacks that I mocked-up to show how a playful, bright design like this can appeal to an audience that might shop for children's snacks at a place like Trader Joe's or New Seasons.   
Fawn, Birds, and Foliage
Inspired by Scandinavian folk art, this illustration combines fawns, birds, hearts, and foliage utilizing a limited primary color palette. It is a design I use for merchandise in my online shop. 
Art Nouvea Mushroom:
This elegant art nouveau mushroom was originally drawn for student projects including a wrapping paper pattern and a bohemian lifestyle brand but was repurposed for Adobe's 36 Days of Type challenge on Instagram as the letter "F." 

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